2020 ONS Election


Election Information

Every year, the ONS membership elects candidates to serve on the ONS Board of Directors. The 2019 ONS election has now concluded.

2019 Election Winners 

The ONS Leadership Development Committee is pleased to share the winners for the 2019 ONS Election.

Meet this year's election winners

Candidate Materials

You can become part of the vital group of leaders who shape the future of ONS. Each year, positions are available for candidates for our nationally elected office. 

Application Criteria

Candidate applicants for the ONS Board of Directors should be voting ONS members for no less than five years prior to assuming office. A member in good standing is one who meets the regular, early-career professional, physically challenged, or retired membership category; is an RN engaged in or interested in oncology nursing; and has paid the required dues. Student, associate, and international tiered members may not vote or hold ONS office.

All candidates must

  • Meet the qualifications as required for the office desired.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to the ONS core values.
  • Submit a letter of intent and a completed candidate application to the Leadership Development Committee by the deadline specified.

The candidate is responsible for contacting ONS at 866-257-4667 prior to the deadline date to confirm receipt of their application. The Leadership Development Committee will review each application, and the most qualified candidates will be slated.

Leadership Positions

Read the following descriptions for a comprehensive look at each leadership position, including qualifications, responsibilities, and expected time commitment. The ONS Board of Directors requires interested candidates to contact them personally to better understand these commitments on a more individualistic level. 

Election Timeline

Election Year 2019

Letters of intent due: August 6, 2019
Application deadline: August 20, 2019
Position openings: Director-at-Large (three openings)

If you have any questions, contact a Leadership Development Committee member.

Candidate Resources

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