Strategic Plan


Innovation in Knowledge and Learning. Excellence in Oncology Nursing and Patient Care. Advocacy for Patients and the Profession.


Advance the quality of cancer care and patient/staff safety.


1.1   Ensure the integration of oncology content into nursing curriculum and minimum licensure requirements.
1.2   Set the standard for quality nursing care for patients with cancer.
1.3   Measure and report on implementation, process, and outcomes related to integration of the standard.
1.4   Strengthen the body of evidence that drives quality patient care.
1.5   Implement a comprehensive model of leadership development to prepare nurses to lead teams and organizations.
1.6   Prepare oncology nurses to advocate for their profession and those affected by cancer.


Grow the Society by recruiting, engaging, and retaining a diverse mix of nurses caring for patients with cancer.


2.1   Increase engagement, loyalty, and sense of community among oncology nurses in their first five years of membership.
2.2   Develop the next generation of ONS member leaders.
2.3   Strengthen advocacy and professional development resources.
2.4   Expand ONS’s global impact.
2.5   Drive membership recruitment to convert nonmember prospects.