Careers at ONS

At ONS, our employees help lead the transformation of cancer care.

When Work Works

Together we've built a world-renowned professional home for more than 39,000 oncology nurses and created educational programs that are the gold standard in cancer nursing.

As a mission-driven membership association, we believe that when our staff thrive, so do our members. For the past two years, we have won the Alfred P. Sloan Award for Workplace Effectiveness and Flexibility. More than an award, it's an indication that our company believes in contributing actively to work-life balance. Our culture is built on trust, respect, and commitment to our team.

But don't just take our word for it. Discover why employees want to work for ONS in their own words, and learn about events around the office. Ready to join our team? Browse our open positions.

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Employee Programs

We attract and retain our dedicated staff in more ways than one. 


ONS offers a competitive salary package that accounts for our employees' diverse financial needs. Our 401(k) retirement plan provides an automatic safe harbor contribution of 3%, after which we match up to 3% of employee contributions. We contribute to short- and long-term disability as well as life insurance. 

Healthy Living

Employees can choose from one of several company healthcare plans, which include discounted medical, prescription, vision, and dental costs. We also offer flexible spending accounts.

Our wellness committee is always planning new events to help our employees stay proactive. Our newly updated fitness room offers popular programs like yoga and bootcamp several times a week, and the registered nurses on staff perform blood pressure checks on a monthly basis.

Work-Life Balance

Flexible scheduling isn't an impediment to a successful career at ONS. Many of our employees embrace options like the four-day work week or telecommuting days. Our generous paid time-off is in addition to 10 paid holidays and leave for bereavement and jury duty. 

Diversity and Inclusion

ONS is committed to ensuring the diversity of its board, staff, volunteers, and members. Please read our diversity and inclusion statement.

Educational Assistance and Career Development

We reimburse our employees for continuing their professional education and fund several annual mentoring opportunities. Performance evaluations and incentive plans are merit-based.

Special Perks

Staff can take out an interest-free loan for a personal computer, drop off their dry cleaning at work, and take advantage of reduced pricing at businesses like Verizon Wireless and Sam's Club. We schedule regular on-site visits with a mobile manicurist and a massage therapist. And that's just to name a few.

Grow With ONS

Staff Stories

Kristine’s Story
Kristine graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in 1992 with a degree in mathematics and found herself working as a statistician in the coal mining and steel industries. While working there, Kristine began leveraging databases to capture large amounts of data, and learned how to write code for these systems. Learning to code changed Kristine’s career interests, and she was on the lookout for a new opportunity. At the time, ONS was seeking a programmer to help with database administration, so Kristine reached out and landed the job. Starting in the Information Services department in 1997, through new opportunities and the guidance of her supervisors, Kristine rose through the ranks at ONS. She became a manager in the IS department, then the director, then Chief Information Officer, and now serves as the Chief Administrative Officer for the organization. Since joining ONS more than 20 years ago, Kristine notes that she always found new, exciting opportunities were available to her—even if she didn’t know what they’d be. Kristine is proud of her time at ONS and highly recommends working for the organization. “ONS understands the importance of a good work/life balance and always presents new opportunities to grow your career,” she says. Kristine’s story is a success story, and it’s just one of the many you’ll find at ONS.

Mike’s Story
In December 1990, Mike joined ONS as a copy editor for the publications department after hearing about the job opening from a friend. He had graduated from Carnegie Mellon University in 1987 with a professional writing degree and spent the three years since college working for a company that promotes new inventions. He was ready for a change. He joined the ONS publications department and quickly found that ONS offered many unique opportunities to grow and develop in his role. Mike worked hard and moved up through the department in various roles under the guidance of his supervisors. He was always rewarded for his hard work and dedication, and he was always ready for a new challenge. Mike is now the licensing manager in the publications department and enjoys his place in the history of ONS. After 27 years of service, Mike continues to recommend ONS as a great place to work and says he is “proud to have played a small role” in all the great things ONS has achieved over the years. He makes it a point to tell new employees that “if you work hard and do a good job, you will be rewarded with new opportunities and challenges at ONS.” Mike came to ONS and found the tools—and support—that helped him succeed.

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