Share Your Stories

Share Your Stories

Read some of our members' inspiring stories of volunteering abroad. If you have an international volunteering story to share, please contact

Health Volunteer Overseas Trips

Costa Rica, September  2013

"I was able to spend one-on-one time with one of the nurses on the inpatient women’s oncology ward [of Hospital San Juan de Dios]. She acknowledged that there is no formal nursing education program at the hospital. As well, nurses do not receive much education during their orientation and certainly do not receive ongoing nursing education once they have been hired. She and I agreed to keep in contact; she will act as a liaison and will share any information with her colleagues that I send." Reanne Booker

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Tegucigalpa, Honduras, July–August 2011

"Working with local doctors, medical students, residents and the Honduran Undersecretary for Health, we provided a two-day conference for Honduran nurses working in cancer care; the first conference of oncology nursing ever organized in Honduras. The attendance was double the expected number, 100 each day, a strong indication of the interest and need for more education and collaboration." - Lisa Kennedy Sheldon, PhD, APRN-BC

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ONS Delegation to Cuba

Havana, Cuba, December 2011

"The group learned about the extensive Cuban primary care health system. With more than 20 hospitals, nine of which have oncology services, and a growing pharmaceutical industry, Cuba has been very active in combining state-of-the-art cancer care with research initiatives." - Lisa Kennedy Sheldon

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International Clinical Trials Workshop

Punta del Este, Uruguay, March 2011

"The role of the nurse in South America is not the same as that of the United States. The educational preparation received by the South American nurses is very different from ours, and it will take a great effort to raise them to the same standard as the oncology and clinical trials nurses in the US. However, I do believe that with the appropriate support and resources, it can be done." - Carmen B. Jacobs, BS, RN, OCN®, CCRP

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