Differences in Colorectal Cancer Risk Knowledge Among Alabamians: Screening Implications

JoAnn S. Oliver, PhD, ANP-BC, CNE; Patrick Ewell, PhD; Keith Nicholls, PhD; Kathryn Chapman, DrPA; and Sandra A. Ford, MD


Research Approach: Telephone interviews were conducted using an 80-item questionnaire that included 14 demographic questions and 26 general questions regarding healthcare quality, sources of health-related information, and cancer fears and risk factors. Also included were 40 questions dealing with CRC perceptions and experiences (asked only of respondents aged 50 years or older).

Setting: A standard random-digit–dialed statewide telephone survey, targeting adult residents of Alabama. Interviews were conducted during about seven weeks in 2012.

Participants: 1,024 participants, including 615 who were aged 50 years or older. Most of the participants identified as Caucasian.

Methodologic Approach: A secondary data analysis using data from a CRC screening survey of Alabama residents conducted in 2012 by the University of South Alabama polling group via telephone.

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