Interprofessional Communication: Integrating Evidence to Enhance Systems During a Pandemic

Naomi Cazeau, RN, MSN, ANP-BC, AOCNP®


Background: The COVID-19 pandemic placed challenges on interprofessional communication patterns among clinical care teams at a time when effective communication was greatly needed. The development of enhanced systems for communication that integrate the latest evidence and communication technologies can offer a solution to this crisis.

Objectives: This article provides a framework for ways in which nursing teams can develop evidence-based enhanced interprofessional communication systems during a pandemic.

Methods: Based on communication models and related technologies, this article reviews strategies to enhance interprofessional communication. Two case studies are included that illustrate how nursing teams can enhance communication during a pandemic.

Findings: To improve communication during a pandemic, clinicians can incorporate interprofessional communication models in clinical practice and apply enhanced communication strategies.

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