Nurse-Led Supportive Care Intervention for Men With Advanced Prostate Cancer

Nicholas Ralph, PhD, RN, BN, MClinPrac; Suzanne Chambers, AO, RN, PhD; Amanda Pomery, PhD; John Oliffe, PhD; Jeff Dunn, PhD


Objectives: To understand the context for implementing ProsCare by prostate cancer specialist nurses (PCSNs) and, in doing so, further develop the intervention and implementation strategy.

Sample & Setting: 30 PCSNs participated in four semistructured focus groups to evaluate a telephone-based supportive care intervention led by nurses for men with advanced prostate cancer.

Methods & Variables: Data were coded into the Consolidated Framework for Implementation Research to evaluate the ProsCare program content and guide the implementation and evaluation of this targeted program for men with advanced prostate cancer.

Results: Participants strongly endorsed specific ProsCare program components amid a recommendation of delivery mechanisms and a comprehensive centralized implementation strategy, including PCSN role promotion, education, and professional development.

Implications for Nursing: PCSNs validated ProsCare and supported its implementation as a supportive care intervention. ProsCare is a feasible nurse-led intervention closely matched with men’s supportive care needs and the PCSN scope of practice.

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