Prostate Cancer: How Nurse Practitioners Can Aid in Disease Diagnosis and Management

Myriam Jean Cadet; Deborah “Hutch” Allen; Jacqueline Patterson-Johnson


Early diagnosis and management of prostate cancer is crucial to providing safe, high-quality care to patients. Understanding the complexities of the signs and symptoms of prostate cancer can help nurse practitioners (NPs) make timely decisions to assess a patient’s complaints and consider differential diagnoses. Acting on diagnostics, NPs can guide patients through treatment strategies to ensure positive health outcomes.


  • Adequate knowledge and skills are required on the part of NPs to diagnose and care for patients with prostate cancer.
  • NPs must consider all potential differential diagnoses that have signs or symptoms in common with prostate cancer.
  • A plan of care for the patient with prostate cancer should be created through a shared decision-making process.
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