Results of an Oncology Clinical Trial Nurse Role Delineation Study

Michelle A. Purdom, PhD, RN; Sandra Petersen, DNP, APRN, FNP-BC, GNP-BC, FAANP; Barbara K. Haas, PhD, RN


Purpose/Objectives: To evaluate the relevance of a five-dimensional model of clinical trial nursing practice in an oncology clinical trial nurse population. 

Design: Web-based cross-sectional survey.

Setting: Online via Qualtrics.

Sample: 167 oncology nurses throughout the United States, including 41 study coordinators, 35 direct care providers, and 91 dual-role nurses who provide direct patient care and trial coordination.

Methods: Principal components analysis was used to determine the dimensions of oncology clinical trial nursing practice.

Main Research Variables: Self-reported frequency of 59 activities.

Findings: The results did not support the original five-dimensional model of nursing care but revealed a more multidimensional model.

Conclusions: An analysis of frequency data revealed an eight-dimensional model of oncology research nursing, including care, manage study, expert, lead, prepare, data, advance science, and ethics.

Implications for Nursing: This evidence-based model expands understanding of the multidimensional roles of oncology nurses caring for patients with cancer enrolled in clinical trials.

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