Cancer and Complementary Medicine: Your Guide to Smart Choices in Symptom Management

Colleen Lee | Georgia Decker
Oncology Nursing Society


A diagnosis of cancer can have devastating effects —not only physically, but mentally and emotionally as well—leading patients to turn to complementary and alternative medicine (CAM), looking for a "safe" or "natural" solution to their ailments. Although these treatments may promise relief from pain or some other debilitating symptom, they also have the potential to cause as much harm as any drug could inflict.

Cancer and Complementary Medicine provides your patients with an introduction to CAM and its use in cancer symptom management, allowing patients to make informed and safe choices. Chapters examine issues such as symptom management, healthy living, safe usage of CAM, and types of CAM available as well as detailed information on herbs, vitamins, and supplements.

Written by two nurse experts in the field of integrative medicine, this easy-to-use text provides patients with cancer a convenient resource to help sort out what can help and what can cause harm.


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