It Took Courage, Compassion, and Curiosity: Recollections and Writings of Leaders in Cancer Nursing, 1890-1971

Susan Baird | Laura Hilderley
Oncology Nursing Society


This book profiles the professional lives and achievements of 12 cancer nursing pioneers who laid the groundwork for oncology nursing as we know it today. Through the stories of these 12 women, all from different backgrounds, you'll learn about

  • The birth of hospice care in the United States
  • Early efforts in cancer prevention and control
  • Development of the first advanced clinical program in cancer nursing
  • The evolution of cancer nursing education, and the knowledge and skills cancer nursing requires
  • The beginnings of cancer nursing research
  • The emergence of psychosocial care
  • The role of the oncology nurse in early clinical trials.

Illustrated with photographic treasures, this book offers a unique look at the nurses who shaped oncology nursing.

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