Meeting the Need for Psychosocial Care in Young Adults With Cancer

Anne Katz
Oncology Nursing Society


From Anne Katz, PhD, RN, FAAN, the author of the best-selling patient-oriented books This Should Not Be Happening: Young Adults With Cancer, After You Ring the Bell . . . 10 Challenges for the Cancer Survivor, Woman Cancer Sex, and Man Cancer Sex, comes her first book on young adults specifically targeted toward healthcare providers. In her book, Katz offers much-needed insight on the psychosocial care of young adults with cancer.

Adolescents and young adults (ages 15–39) are different than any other age group with cancer. Traditionally, they have fallen between the two worlds of pediatric and adult cancer, but they are neither child nor older adult. They are a unique population with developmental tasks and life experiences that are di­fferent from those in other life stages. With Katz's book, you can

Explore issues unique to young adults, such as dating, sex, marriage, fertility, building a family, returning to work or school after treatment, and managing relationships with friends and family.

Improve your practice by being prepared to care holistically for this unique population.

Confidently assist your young adult patients with the difficult emotional and life-changing situations they're experiencing.

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