My Book About Cancer (Mother)

Rebecca Schmidt
Oncology Nursing Society


If you have patients who are parents, you will want to recommend this book!

When a mother has been diagnosed with cancer, the entire family can be traumatized. Women worry about symptoms, treatment, and prognosis for the future. But what about their children? Often, a child represses inner fear, apprehension, anger, even guilt over the parent's illness, leaving adults frustrated and helpless.

My Book About Cancer is a workbook that gives children an effective emotional outlet as they cope with their parent's disease. By creating and discussing their own book of experiences with parents, grandparents, and other adult loved ones, children can share their emotions and concerns as the family progresses through the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

This interactive workbook is both a coloring book and a sketch pad. Children can color various animal characters that depict scenes, images, and emotions likely to be encountered during a parent's iillness.

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