Oncology Policies and Procedures (CD-ROM)

Dolores Esparza
Oncology Nursing Society


Start saving time and money by simplifying the process of annually producing and updating oncology policies and procedures with more than 60 customizable templates. 
Each year, hospitals in the United States spend thousands of dollars in labor hours writing and revising policies and procedures for program accreditation. Why start from scratch when you don’t have to? The Oncology Policies and Procedures CD from ONS saves you time and money by providing a collection of current standards of practice for use in the clinical setting. Each document has a box for custom identification and policy number insertion appropriate for your institution. Simply enter your institution’s name and customize choices and preferences, and the policy or procedure is ready to use. You can even personalize it with your institution’s logos.
The resources on the CD are divided into six sections.
  • Administration
  • Electronic health records
  • Human resources
  • Nursing
  • Safety and pharmacy
  • Supportive services
Each policy also contains a bibliography that gives a broad view into the latest body of work for further reading and education. 
The human resources section also contains job descriptions to help cancer program administrators with access to roles and duties for members of the cancer team. References to certifications and national organizations for credentialing will also help administrators and hiring personnel to select the most appropriate level of staff for the position. 
An additional folder includes sample forms, checklists, and consent documents that can be used as is or modified for use in the clinical area.
Don’t spend another year doing unnecessary work. Get the resources you need from a source you trust. 
SPECIAL NOTE: Institutions interested in the purchase of a multi-user license should email institutions@ons.org. Pricing is based on the number of users multiplied by the regular price of the CD minus a discount based on the quantity of full-time employees identified as oncology nurses or related fields within that institution. A purchasing institution is required to provide a list of users accessing the content prior to completion of sale.

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