A Patient’s Guide to Cancer Symptom Management

Carlton Brown
Carlton Brown
Oncology Nursing Society


When a patient is diagnosed with cancer, the moment can be a harrowing experience, leaving individuals and their families with many unanswered questions. Will I lose my hair? What about nausea and vomiting? Will I feel pain? Presenting common questions and detailing common symptoms suffered by patients with cancer, A Patient’s Guide to Cancer Symptom Management helps patients and their families better understand and manage conditions commonly associated with cancer and its treatment. A Patient’s Guide to Cancer Symptom Management, written by Carlton Brown, is meant to be shared with your patients and their families. This new book details the effects of cancer symptoms ranging from anemia to sleep problems, in plain language free of medical jargon. Each chapter explains the nature of the problem, including the causes and symptoms, and presents details on prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. Help guide your patients through the uncertainty of their cancer journey and help arm them with the knowledge they will need by reading this helpful new book.


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