Principles of Skin Care and the Oncology Patient

Marilyn Haas | Giselle Moore-Higgs
Oncology Nursing Society


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Skin care of patients with cancer can often be challenging and tricky without standard guidelines or a handy pocket guide. Principles of Skin Care and the Oncology Patient is a helpful resource to guide healthcare professionals who care for patients with cancer who develop skin problems.

The book begins with an overview of skin issues related to patients with cancer, including details on anatomy and physiology of the skin and accessory organs. A review of common drug reactions with cutaneous manifestations is included, as well as benign skin disorders and their impact on cancer therapy and malignant cutaneous diseases. The book also covers clinical considerations for purchasing wound care products and treatments.

Important information on skin reactions caused by radiation and chemotherapy is included, and manifestations are discussed. In addition, you’ll find details on how chronic disease impacts wound healing and how systemic and infectious skin disease can have implications for cancer treatment. Other topics include assessment and management of skin and wound pain; psychological distress related to skin problems; nutritional needs for healing skin; complementary therapies for oncology cutaneous reactions; and special needs for gero-oncology patients.

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