Psychosocial Dimensions of Oncology Nursing Care (Second Edition)

Catherine Burke
Oncology Nursing Society


Providing effective, holistic care for patients with cancer requires skill in addressing both physical and psychosocial needs. Psychosocial Dimensions of Oncology Nursing Care examines not only patient concerns but also the issues that family and healthcare professionals encounter during the cancer experience.

The latest edition features new updates and perspectives on common aspects of psychosocial nursing care, including patient and family issues, communication, spirituality, body image, sexuality, survivorship, death, dying, and grief, and caregiver burden. Also included is a chapter devoted to nurses so you can learn strategies to balance the mentally, physically, and emotionally challenging aspects of your chosen profession with tips for proper rest and self-care techniques.

Any nursing professionals who work with patients and their families—from the student to the seasoned charge nurse—will find this text an excellent source of information for complete patient care.

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