Excellence in Social Media Impact


Recognizes an ONS member who has made significant contributions to the oncology nursing community through their professional presence on social media platforms - promoting education, advocacy, and support for oncology nurses and patients alike.

How to Apply


A $500 cash prize, a desktop award, and travel reimbursement to attend the annual ONS Congress®.

Eligibility Criteria

This award is eligible for self-nominations. The candidate must be an active ONS member. In addition, the candidate should:

  • Be a registered professional nurse
  • Have at least two years of oncology nursing experience
  • Have an active social media presence, which promotes oncology nursing and cancer care

Application Materials

The following materials are required.

  • Nominee’s resume or curriculum vitae
  • Nominee’s personal statement
  • Links to three top oncology nursing social media posts from the application year (2024)
  • Link to social media account(s) where oncology nursing is promoted

Scoring Criteria

The scoring criteria for judging this nomination packet is as follows.

  • Nominee creates original content that amplifies the mission, vision, and values of ONS and adheres to ethical guideline and standards for social media posts.
  • Nominee raises awareness about emerging trends, advocates for policy changes, or promotes research initiatives that benefit oncology nurses and their patients.
  • Nominee shares ONS content in an effort to further the visibility and mission of the organization 
  • Nominee raises awareness on topics critical to providing quality cancer care such as, but not limited to, cancer prevention, treatment advances, palliative care, care coordination, and new models of care delivery.
  • Nominee has a substantial following on their social media platforms that shows engagement via likes, comments, and interactions with those followers on their posts and reposts.

Nomination Deadline Notice


ONS uses an external, vendor-supported online program for all award nomination applications. The application system is set up so that at exactly 5:00pm ET (Eastern Time), September 30, the application site will automatically shut down and be locked. Any applications that are open (not completed) at this time will be terminated and will not be accepted. It is imperative that all open applications be submitted prior to 5:00pm ET, September 30, in order to be accepted into the online system and be eligible for consideration. In order to be fair to all who may nominate individuals for consideration for an ONS award, the September 30, 5:00pm ET deadline cannot be extended without prior authorization from the ONS Board of Directors. If you have any questions regarding the ONS awards nomination process, please call the ONS Awards staff (412) 859-6320, or email: awards@ons.org.

Submit Your Application


Visit the awards portal. You will be asked to create an account and confirm your account via email. Once completed, you will be given the option to “Start a New Nomination” and select the desired award from the dropdown menu.

Travel Information 

The recipient will receive travel reimbursement to attend the annual ONS Congress. ONS will reimburse the award recipient for round-trip economy airfare to and from the recipient's home address to the ONS Congress location, provided the recipient makes all travel arrangements through ONS's travel agency. Additionally, one night's lodging will be permitted provided that the recipient makes the hotel arrangements through the ONS meetings department. Meals for a 24-hour period will be reimbursed, along with the reimbursement of certain ground transportation situations and parking, but there are limitations. Please contact awards@ons.org for complete details about the travel reimbursement policy.