CNE Opportunities

Learn about new resources to help your patients.

Cancer care changes each and every day. Oncology nurses need to know about everything from new treatments and technologies to changes in managed care and evolving reimbursement policies. Because we care about oncology nurses, ONS strives to provide the finest continuing nursing education available to help you influence your practice and succeed in meeting the challenges of cancer care.

Each of ONS's myriad programs and course offerings provides a unique learning experience that increases your knowledge and helps improve overall patient care. You can easily find all of the courses that are presently available, and simply enroll in the program that fits your needs.

These popular courses are a must if you want to raise your level of expertise in cancer treatment, clinical trials management, leadership development, radiation oncology, ongoing clinical research, and many other areas. By participating in these programs, you’ll be equipped with the evidence-based knowledge that you need to succeed in your practice and improve outcomes for patients with cancer and their families.