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Navigating the ONS 44th Annual Congress Schedule

January 18, 2019
Danya Garner, MSN, RN-BC, OCN®, CCRN, Congress Planning Team Member We are excited to open the doors soon for 3,700 oncology nurses to embark on a journey of enhancing practice and transforming oncology care during the ONS 44th Annual Congress from April 11–14 at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, CA. The conference will be bursting with educational offerings and activities to engage and invigorate your oncology passions, so here are a few tips and suggestions to maximize your experience. Start by reviewing the online schedule and be sure to sign in so you can build a personalized schedule. Keep in mind that some events and sessions require additional registration. Use the search feature to easily find sessions by presenter name, title, description, or keywords. You can also view sessions by day, track, and ILNA category. Stay tuned! The schedule will be available in the Congress app soon. Congress is divided into five educational tracks • Clinical Practice • Advanced Practice • Leadership/Management/Education • Radiation • Research Sessions within these tracks focus on the content category, but don’t limit yourself to a single track. Delve into sessions in each track to tailor your professional development and ultimately transform the experience of your patients and their families. In addition to the five educational tracks, Congress offers six more content categories: • General • Industry-Supported • Learning Hall Activities • Posters • Power • Professional Development This tremendous variety of content ensures that Congress will meet your individual educational needs. Let’s continue growing together and transforming care in Anaheim. We can’t wait to meet you!

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