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A Conference Planned By Nurses, For Nurses

October 11, 2019

Danya Garner, MSN, RN-BC, OCN®, CCRN, Congress Planning Team Member

It’s time to start planning your Congress education activities! The ONS Congress Content Planning Team has been hard at work planning sessions that will be both impactful and professionally fulfilling. The online schedule is available and organized to include Sessions by Day, Sessions by Track, and Sessions by ILNA Category. One exciting feature to remember is that Congress begins on Wednesday this year! Get into San Antonio and hit the ground running with sessions that include Self-Care for Oncology Nurses: Much More Than a Luxury, Advanced Concepts in Cancer Pain Management, and many more!

Sessions by Track include Advanced Practice, Clinical Practice, Leadership/Management/Education, Radiation, and Research. These tracks are not limited to nurses who practice in those roles, but are open to all attendees seeking session-specific content. You have the opportunity to attend sessions throughout all tracks. So don’t get stopped in your tracks, expand your horizons!

You will notice this year that concurrent track sessions are 60 minutes in length. The sessions are 15 minutes shorter from most recent years, providing opportunities for richer content and timely maneuvering between sessions. This change was sparked by previous attendees’ evaluations. You speak, and Congress listens!

Other enticing sessions to be on the lookout for include Complex Cases: Managing Adverse Events From Immune Checkpoint Inhibitors, Hazardous Drug Safety: Answering Some of the Difficult Questions, Leadership Tools for Success: Lean Methodology for Process Improvement, and Cancer Health Disparities Research. Please stay tuned for other exciting developments as we get closer to embracing and celebrating the power, passion, and purpose of 4,000 nurses in San Antonio, TX!

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