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“Advocating for your Patient: Real-World Biosimilar Experience,” presented on behalf of Fresenius Kabi

May 04, 2021

Brought to you by Fresenius Kabi

Healthcare providers and patients can expect the same efficacy and safety from a biosimilar as from the originator biologic, as biosimilars and originators are highly similar in terms of structure, function, and quality. Biosimilars also have the potential to reshape the biologic landscape and can improve patient costs and access to care. The challenge, however, is that although biosimilars have been on the market since 2015, they remain unfamiliar to many.

Unfamiliarity with biosimilars can leave patients and caregivers with questions and uncertainty.

Please join us for an on-demand presentation, “Advocating for your Patient: Real-World Biosimilar Experience,” presented on behalf of Fresenius Kabi. Speakers Kristi Orbaugh, RN, MSN, RNP, AOCN and Maria Sheridan, PharmD, BCNSP will share their biosimilar experiences and knowledge in this engaging 60-minute session. This session will help oncology nurses:

  • Increase their own understanding and awareness of biosimilars
  • Leverage real-world experience from an oncology nurse and pharmacist in their practices, ensuring that their patients have confidence in their treatment plans
  • Provide specific communication strategies and insight into the role oncology nurses play in mitigating the nocebo effect, a consequence of negative expectations from treatment misperceptions

Kristi Orbaugh is an experienced oncology nurse practitioner at Community Hospital Cancer Center North, an affiliate of MD Anderson. Maria Sheridan is a board-certified nutrition support pharmacist and Fresenius Kabi Medical Science Liaison who is committed to the future of biosimilar solutions.

This program is sponsored by Fresenius Kabi. We have over 100 years’ experience and the industry’s largest injectable Oncology portfolio. We’re not just BioSpecialized in bringing products to market, but also BioSpecialized in caring for life.

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