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Congress 2019: A Time For Empowerment and Recharging

July 15, 2019

    Lindsey Krekling, 2019 ONS Congress Attendee

It has been less than three weeks since I attended the ONS Congress of 2019, and I am already so excited about the 2020 conference. To be able to learn and celebrate all that we do for our patients with 4,000 other oncology nurses was truly incredible and unlike any other conference that I’ve been to before. Since I started on my Bone Marrow Transplant unit almost two years ago, we have been doing CAR-T cell therapy. I was most excited to attend all the sessions around this subject since this is the new up-and-coming therapy for the oncology world. Sundays Peer View Symposium: Navigating the CART-T Cell Therapy Landscape provided me with handouts for my patients to better explain the process as well as interactive slides for myself. In addition, the most unique part of the conference was hearing from actual oncology nurses who work in the field and are so knowledgeable. I found very valuable information from the learning hall, arena sessions, and poster sessions presented. I plan to implement topics involving moral distress, reducing C. diff rates, and improving ways to increase the patient’s daily mobility on my unit.

Furthermore, I initially heard about ONS Congress because I was awarded the BMTCN of the year award through ONCC. At the breakfast ceremony where I received my award, I met many remarkable oncology nurses in various stages of their career that provided me with great advice and unending support. Members from ONS directly told me to let them know if I ever needed anything in the future to help my career, to reach out to them. I have never been a part of an organization that has been so helpful and friendly. I joined ONS as a member in January and have been utilizing all of the supplements provided such as discussion boards and free CNEs.      After I came back from the conference, I spoke with my manager and director of nursing about the importance of sending nurses from our unit next year because I thought it was such a valuable conference. This is something that I will advocate to not only provide our nurses with a great experience but to also help our patients in the long run. I now have handouts to give to my co-workers and patients. I also feel I am a more confident nurse from the education I received during the conference. I cannot wait to attend Congress 2020!

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