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Where to Eat in Anaheim, CA

March 06, 2019
Anna Hughes, Meeting Specialist Although ONS Congress is filled with many wonderful educational opportunities, it’s also a great time to do a little exploring in our host city, Anaheim, CA. Plenty of restaurants are conveniently located to the Anaheim Convention Center. We did a little digging and found a few unique places to try. No matter what you’re craving, you’re sure to find something to satisfy your hunger in Anaheim! If you’re feeling pizza, try… The Pizza Press; 1700 S Harbor Blvd, Anaheim, CA 92802 The Pizza Press is known for its custom pizzas with endless possibilities! You can choose from one of the signature pies, such as “The Chronicle,” with extra virgin olive oil, mozzarella, imported artichoke hearts, grape tomato, red onion, crimini mushroom, chevre, roasted red bell peppers, fresh basil, and basil pesto. Another option is “The Sun,” with red sauce, mozzarella, honey smoked ham, bourbon bacon, aged sharp cheddar, pineapple, grape tomato, and scallions. Feeling creative? You can build your own pizza with a choice of tons of toppings and sauces! If you’re looking for good seafood, try... The Chippy Fish; 440 S Anaheim Blvd, Anaheim, CA 92805 If you’re looking for high-quality, fresh seafood, make the trip to The Chippy! Located just over 3 miles from the convention center, The Chippy is best known for itsfresh fish and chips, but you can also find other delicious options, such as shrimp po-boy sandwiches, fish sandwiches, and coconut shrimp!   If you’re hungry for Mexican food, try... Urbana; 440 S. Anaheim Blvd; Anaheim CA 92806 Voted some of the best tacos in Anaheim, Urbana is a great spot if you’re looking for delicious Mexican food. This Mexican gastropub is a short 3-mile ride from the Anaheim Convention Center. Some of its taco options include steak, pork belly, and marlin. Be sure to check this place out!   If you’re looking for a fun experience, try… FiRE+iCE; 400 Disney Way, Anaheim, CA 92802 FiRE+iCE is a different approach to your typical restaurant. FiRE+iCE is an interactive bar and grill that allows you to create your own unique dish. So, how does it work? Simply grab a bowl, add all the ingredients you’d like, add your sauces and spices, bring it to the grill, and watch the chefs work their magic! With flavors from all around the world, FiRE+iCE promises to satisfy every appetite while having a little fun at the same time!   If you’re feeling Southern comfort food, try... Georgia’s Soul Food Restaurant; 440 S Anaheim Blvd #209A, Anaheim, CA 92805 Located just 3 miles from the convention center, Georgia’s is sure to please anyone looking for southern barbeque in Anaheim. With options like smothered pork chops, “St. Louis BBQ ribs,” and “Gretchen’s Jambalaya,” Georgia’s is the spot to try!   If you’re vegan, try... Healthy Junk; 201 W Center Street Promenade B, Anaheim, CA 92805 Healthy Junk is an entirely vegan restaurant, but it is loved by vegans and non-vegans alike! This unique spot serves up burgers, Tex-Mex, and “hot bowls,” which are served with rice and vegetables. Located just 3 miles from the convention center, be sure to check this place out while you’re in Anaheim!   And for dessert... Don Churro Gomez ; 1475 S Anaheim Blvd, Anaheim, CA 92805 You’ll want to save room for dessert because just a mile and a half from the convention center, you’ll find the famous Don Churros Gomez truck. These handcrafted, family-recipe churros are a real crowd pleaser! Be sure to stop by to satisfy your sweet tooth!

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