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How to Use 2020 ONS Congress to Fulfill Your ILNA Needs

January 23, 2020

Danielle Roman, ONCC Marketing Coordinator

Do you have a certification learning plan just waiting to be filled? The sessions you attend at Congress can help, whether you’re just starting to earn points or you’re almost ready to submit your plan for certification renewal.

Where to begin? Start with your learning plan—the list of subjects in which you may earn points for certification renewal. Here’s where to find yours:

  • Results Report. If you passed a certification test, your results report identifies the number of points you need for renewal and the subject areas.
  • Assessment Results Report. If you’ve taken your Individual Learning Needs Assessment (ILNA), your assessment results report shows the number of points you need for renewal and the subject areas.
  • Are you AOCN®, AOCNS®, or CPON® certified? Although you weren’t required to take the assessment, your learning plan is where you’ll record your points for renewal.

Have you been authorized to take the ILNA but haven’t done so? Remember that you can’t earn points for renewal until you take your assessment. If you’re eligible to take the assessment, be sure you do it before Congress starts so you can use the NCPD you earn for your certification renewal.

There are so many great Congress sessions to choose from. Once you know the subject areas in which you need to earn points, you can find sessions using the schedule on the Congress website or the Congress app. You can filter the sessions by ILNA categories. Plan ahead by making a schedule of sessions you need to attend to earn renewal points. Congress can get pretty busy, so preparing ahead of time is helpful.

Planning to attend Congress 2020? Register by March 12, 2020 to save with early-bird pricing!

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