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Learn How to Manage the Challenges of MDS

May 07, 2021

Brought to you by The Aplastic Anemia and MDS International Foundation

The Aplastic Anemia and MDS International Foundation invites you to participate in our ONS Congress satellite symposium, The Spectrum of MDS:  Disease Management and Patient Education in the ONS Congress virtual platform.

MDS is challenging to diagnose, but the evolving genomic and immunologic landscape of MDS has led to notable improvements in the accuracy and timing of MDS diagnosis, prognosis, and identification of possible targets for therapeutic intervention. New therapies have been approved this year and several novel agents and combination therapies are in development, so it is important that nurses and nurse practitioners are aware of the treatment options available for this patient population.

Learning objectives for this symposium include:

  • Explain the methods used to diagnose, stratify and treat MDS
  • Identify current and emerging treatment options for patients with low-risk MDS, high-risk MDS, and secondary AML
  • Analyze the nurse’s role in managing treatment for MDS based on clinical presentations, diagnostic workups, transfusion dependence, comorbidities, and clinical trial consideration
  • Discuss strategies to address treatment goals and decision-making, educate patients and provide palliative care to improve outcomes

Case studies are used to illustrate treatment decision-making and therapeutic challenges for low-risk and high-risk MDS patients.  Current clinical trials and stem cell transplantation for MDS are also discussed. 

Our outstanding faculty has extensive inpatient and outpatient experience with MDS patients and will provide up-to-date information and practical guidance to learners.

Symposium Faculty:

Catherine Chittick, RN, BSN, BMT/Leukemia Staff, Massachusetts General Cancer Center, Boston

Jenna Moran, NP, MSN, FNP-BC, Leukemia Team, Massachusetts General Cancer Center, Boston

Aura Ramos, RN, BSN Leukemia Team, Massachusetts General Cancer Center, Boston

Links to AAMDSIF patient education resources, including the MDS Toolkit, are also provided.

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