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ONS Congress—Creating and Transforming Your Leadership Path

December 17, 2018
Ashley Leak Bryant PhD, RN-BC, OCN Chair, ONS Leadership Development Committee Are you ready to create a professional development plan while at the 44th Annual ONS Congress? What about brushing up on your networking skills? The ONS Leadership Development Committee would like to support you as you enhance and strengthen your leadership skills. At Congress, you’ll be able to:
  • Complete an electronic leadership assessment
  • Learn more about leadership presentation in the ONS Career Fair Pavilion
  • Discover how you can make at difference by attending Fostering Exceptional Leadership in Oncology Nursing, on April 12 from 2:45–4 pm
  • Meet one on one with members of the ONS Leadership Development Committee to learn more about how to grow your leadership skills and become involved in ONS.
Don’t miss this opportunity to share, connect, and be transformed! Come to Congress to be inspired and coached, and leave Anaheim with a new plan for your own personal leadership growth.

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