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ONS Congress—Meeting the Need for Your Professional “You” Time

October 29, 2018
Kathleen Wiley, RN, MSN, AOCNS® A wise woman (OK, my mom) once gave me some wonderful advice. She said you should always be planning your next getaway. “Always know when you will get to spend time focusing on you next, doing things you enjoy,” she’d say. I would argue that her advice applies to the professional nurse as well. The physical and emotional demands of nurses’ work cannot be understated. Failing to take time to listen to an internal voice of exhaustion, both physical and mental, risks burnout and the giving of less than what patients deserve. What are your next plans to nurture your professional growth? Nurses are not immune to needing enthusiasm and passion for our career recharged. If there is any truth to the old saying “there is comfort in numbers,” then imagine the support to be had from sharing knowledge and best practices, along with stories from the bed- or chairside, with over 3,700 oncology nurses—those who understand the challenges and share in the joy of your career. That is exactly what ONS Congress offers to oncology nurses. In today’s cancer care environment, it may feel overwhelming to keep up with advances in treatment, the focus on quality initiatives, and the sheer acuity of your growing patient volume. The knowledge shared at ONS Congress provides practical point-of-care information to apply to these challenges and reenergizes nurses across the country to return to their patients with new ideas for practice. With five distinct tracks, ONS Congress has the content that applies to your practice. The Learning Hall provides a truly unique opportunity to network with peers, speakers, and ONS staff to share exactly what your needs are and help you feel ready to face the challenges of patient care. Time spent focusing on you and your professional growth is time well spent and sends you back to your patients with an invigorated spirit for oncology nursing and the energy to effect change.

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