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The Power, Passion, and Purpose Behind Congress

October 17, 2019

Jaclyn McCue, Marketing Specialist

Each Congress is as unique as the attendees, which is why we add a theme to your Congress experience. The Congress theme serves as a way for us to start planning the look, feel, and message of each individual Congress. So, how did we determine this year’s theme?

Honoring History

Congress is a premier education event, but it’s also an opportunity to let loose and have fun in a new city. When we started to plan for Congress 2020, we were drawn to San Antonio’s vibrant history. The passion and purpose of the Texians at the Alamo so clearly reflected characteristics that we see in the nurses we work with every day. Oncology nurses show so much passion and fortitude every day, even when hope starts to fade.

We looked at the iconic San Antonio Riverwalk. The quiet persistence of a river that slowly shapes our landscape or the powerful rushing of water whose force cannot be ignored. Again, you see how it is easy to draw parallels to an oncology nurse.

Shaping the Future

Congress is created by nurses for nurses, and a good Congress theme should mean something different to each nurse. It should drive home what Congress can bring to your future practice. This year, we are creating an experience that will help you realize your power, both as an individual and as a community of nurses. We want you to connect to the passion that you have for your patients and your practice. And lastly, many nurses describe this career as something they were called to do. At Congress, we seek to honor the feeling of purpose that brought you here. We are incredibly excited for the ONS 45th Annual Congress.

Register now so you can celebrate your power, passion, and purpose in San Antonio.

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