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Understanding Metastatic Breast Cancer’s Impact on Daily Life

April 13, 2021

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For many people living with metastatic breast cancer (MBC), the unique emotional, social, and
physical challenges can take a toll – not just on those with the disease, but also on their family
and friends.
Lilly created the More for MBC initiative with the aim of increasing support for the women and
men living with this complex, incurable disease. As part of this initiative, Lilly partnered with
leaders in the MBC community to commission a national survey of patients, friends, family, and
healthcare providers (HCPs) in hopes of better understanding these daily challenges.
The survey uncovered some stark realities. For example, in a typical week, people living with
MBC spend nearly half of their time on things related to their cancer. Thinking about the impact
of diagnosis on family, thinking about the financial impact of MBC, and thinking about the
disease itself top the list. With their daily lives interrupted in all areas, people living with MBC
say they need more support.
Yet while care partners wish they could do more, MBC tends to take over family members’ and
friends’ lives too. The survey uncovered that family and friends of people living with MBC spend
over half of a typical week (56%) doing things related to their loved one’s MBC.
HCPs also want to do more, especially when it comes to mental health. Nearly half of
oncologists say they want to learn more about the impact of MBC in this area, and more than
half would like to provide patients with additional mental health support if needed.
The bottom line: This community is passionate about doing more for MBC, and Lilly’s goal is to
help foster this with more awareness through education, more research, and more dedicated
solutions for the courageous women and men living with MBC.

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