Caregiver Strain and Burden Search Strategy

Search Dates: Search results of literature retrieved March 2009–July 31, 2013

Search Terms: (Therapy/Broad[filter] OR systematic[sb]) AND (Caregivers[majr] OR caregiver*[ti]) OR ("family member"[ti] OR "family members"[ti] OR spous*[ti] OR partner*[ti]) AND caregiv*) AND (cancer OR oncolog* OR neoplasms[mesh])

Databases: PubMed, CINAHL, Cochrane Collaboration, National Comprehensive Cancer Network, and PsycINFO

Inclusion Criteria:

  1. The study must be a full research report, systematic review, guideline, or meta-analysis.
  2. The study must report results of measurement of the topic of  caregiver strain and burden.
  3. The study examines an intervention aimed at affecting caregiver strain and burden.
  4. The study sample must include caregivers of patients with cancer.

Exclusion Criteria:

  1. Grey literature
  2. Studies that describe caregiver concerns and issues, but do not include examination of an intervention
  3. Samples involving caregivers as parents of a child with cancer