Dyspnea Search Strategy

Search results of literature retrieved March 2009 – September 30, 2013

Databases searched were PubMed, CINAHL, Cochrane Collaboration, and NCCN.

Search keywords were therapy/broad [filter] or systematic [sb] and (((dyspnea [majr] or dyspnea [ti] or dyspnoea [ti] or breathless*[ti]) and (cancer or oncolog* or neoplasms [majr])) or ((cancer or oncolog* or neoplasms [majr]) and (dyspnea or dyspnoea or breathless*) and (heliox or bipap or cpap or pleura or thoracentesis or pleurodesis or "pleuroperitoneal shunt*" or "tracheal stent*" or "tracheobronchial stent*" or "airway stent*" or "medical air" or airflow or tripod or fowler* or "cool room" or "cool air"))).

Studies were included in the review if

  • They were full research reports, systematic reviews, guidelines, or meta-analyses
  • They reported results of measurement of dyspnea
  • They examined an intervention aimed at affecting the symptom of dyspnea
  • The sample included patients with cancer

Studies were excluded if they were grey literature, descriptive only, or involved samples of pediatric patients (less than 19 years of age).