Peripheral Neuropathy Search Strategy


Search results of literature retrieved March 2009 – December 31, 2013

Databases searched were PubMed, CINAHL, Cochrane Collaboration, and NCCN.

Search Terms:  ((neuropath*[ti] OR neurotoxic*[ti]) AND (cancer[ti] OR chemotherap*[ti] OR neoplasms[majr])) OR ("Peripheral Nervous System Diseases/chemically induced"[Majr] OR "Peripheral Nervous System Diseases/diet therapy"[Majr] OR "Peripheral Nervous System Diseases/drug therapy"[Majr] OR "Peripheral Nervous System Diseases/nursing"[Majr] OR "Peripheral Nervous System Diseases/prevention and control"[Majr] OR "Peripheral Nervous System Diseases/rehabilitation"[Majr] OR "Peripheral Nervous System Diseases/therapy"[Majr]) OR ((neuropath* OR neurotoxic*) AND (balanc* OR falls OR falling OR strength OR “Activities of Daily Living” OR “occupational therapy” OR “physical therapy” OR “assistive device” OR “assistive devices” OR rehabilitation) AND (cancer OR neoplasms))

Studies were included in the review if

  • They were full research reports, systematic reviews, guidelines, or meta-analyses
  • Study must report results of measurement of peripheral neuropathy symptoms
  • The study examines an intervention aimed at affecting symptoms of peripheral neuropathy
  • Study sample must include patients with cancer

Studies were excluded if they were grey literature, a descriptive study, studies involving general neuropathic pain only, or studies not associated with treatment-related peripheral neuropathy.