CDK4/6 Inhibitor Case Study Series Bundle

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This series of interactive case studies will guide you through scenarios of patients with HR+, HER2- advanced or metastatic breast cancer. It will introduce practice resources to help with selecting the right CDK4/6 inhibitor, guide dose adjustments, and strategies for oral adherence. Focus on the areas you are most interested in by taking just 1 or all 6 of the case studies. Have the opportunity to practice monitoring and management of CDK4/6 inhibitor therapy in a safe virtual environment and learn how you can utilize the CDK4/6 inhibitor resource curated for nurses just like you.

For more information on the resources discussed in the case study please visit our CDK4/6 Inhibitor Learning Library.

Funding for development of this activity was provided by an independent educational grant from Pfizer Inc.

This bundle includes: