Immuno-Oncology for the Oncology Nurse Case Study- Checkpoint Inhibitor

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This course is part of a series of interactive case studies that will guide you through four scenarios of patients receiving immuno-oncology agents. It will introduce practice resources, such as an optional webinar, to help with the management of adverse events and patient education. Focus on the areas you are most interested in by taking just 1 or all 4 of the case studies in the bundle. Have the opportunity to practice monitoring and management of immuno-oncology agents in a safe virtual environment and learn how you can utilize the Immuno-Oncology Learning Library curated for nurses just like you.

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Course Topics

Checkpoint Inhibitors

Expected Outcomes

Learners will report an increase in knowledge in educating patients on the side effects of I-O agents.
Learners will report an increase in knowledge related to monitoring and management of adverse events in patients on an I-O agent.

Target Audience

Nurses administering or working with patients on IO agents.

ILNA Breakdown

Up to 0.25 ILNA points may be applied to Care Continuum OR Oncology Nursing Practice OR Preparative Regimens OR Professional Practice OR Symptom Management OR Treatment. No more than 0.25 total points may be claimed for the program.

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