Nutrition Case Study: Patient Receiving a Stem Cell Transplantation

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Healthy nutrition and early nutrition intervention are fundamental to improving oncology patient outcomes. When patients become malnourished, they are less likely to receive their full oncology treatment and may require treatment breaks, treatment holds or dose reductions, which may reduce the efficacy of their treatment. In this interactive case study, you will explore how to integrate nutrition support into the care of a patient receiving a stem cell transplantation. Learn more about the characteristics of malnutrition, nutrition impact symptoms, and appropriate nutrition interventions. The case focuses on integrating nutrition support and early screening and interventions.

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Course Topics

  • Characteristics of malnutrition
  • Malnutrition screening tools
  • Nutrition impact symptom management
  • Patient Education

Expected Outcomes

The learner will demonstrate the ability to screen a patient for malnutrition and provide nutrition education and support.

Target Audience

  • Oncology nurses
  • From nurses, nursing students, and nursing instructors, to industry representatives, case managers, social workers, and other healthcare professionals working in oncology, Nutrition Case Study: Patient Receiving a Stem Cell Transplantation interactive case study provides you with a brief learning experience exploring educating patients with cancer about nutrition.

ILNA Breakdown

Up to .25 ILNA points may be applied to Oncology Nursing Practice OR Scientific Basis for Practice OR Symptom Management. No more than .25 total points may be claimed for the program.

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