Approver Unit

Approver Unit

After careful consideration, ONS has decided to close Approver Unit operations and no longer offer these services.

Why has the Approver Unit closed?

ONS staff evaluated customer use of the ONS Approver Unit and use of staff resources to maintain this service. We are ceasing ONS Approver Unit operations to reassign resources to better meet member and nonmember oncology nurse needs. ONS will explore alternative educational opportunities with ONS chapters as well as continue to address strategic and core work to meet the ONS mission.

Does this affect any already approved programs or credits awarded?

No. Your approval is valid through the expiration date listed on your approval letter. Credits awarded to program participants will continue to be valid even through ONS is no longer accepting applications for new programs

What if my program doesn’t expire for a while?

If you have had an application approved by the ONS Approver Unit, follow the instructions in your approval letter regarding the expiration date and required program follow-up materials. The expiration date and credits awarded to program participants will continue to be valid. ONS staff will continue to assist with any questions and review updated speaker/disclosure information for repeated offerings through December 22, 2019. Please email

How should I submit follow-up materials due after my completed approved programs?

ONS is no longer accepting any program materials (initial, follow-up, or program changes) through the ONS Approver Unit application system. Please email your materials to

Follow-up template documents

Where else can I go to get approval for programs?

There are a number of other organizations that approve individual applications for continuing nursing education. You can find a list on the American Nursing Credentialing Center website at Most approver units are part of state nursing organizations, which will approve programs held in other states.