Care of the Older Adult with Cancer Learning Library

Care of the Older Adult with Cancer Learning Library

Discover what you can learn on our Older Adult online resource library. Explore more than 20 resources, compiled of both ONS and external content, such as practice tools, courses, case studies, podcasts, websites and more.

Practice Tools/Toolkits

Practical Application of Geriatric Assessment
In collaboration with the Oncology Nursing Society, SIOG - International Society of Geriatric Oncology, and The Gerontological Society of America, ACCC produced a how-to guide which offers practical solutions to implementing a comprehensive approach to geriatric screening and assessment without investing in significant resources. 

Advance Care Planning Worksheet
Advance care planning helps patients contemplate their future, consider their sense of purpose and core values, catalyze deeper communication with their loved ones. This questionnaire is a tool to help patients or caregiver to start the advance care planning process.

Palliative Care Communication Strategies
This practice resource identifies communication techniques to use with your patients when you need to start the palliative care conversation, choose a new treatment plan, or discuss end of life.

ONS Articles

Oncology Nursing Forum articles:

Attitudes and Beliefs of Older Female Breast Cancer Survivors and Providers About Exercise in Cancer Care

Strain Among Caregivers of Older Adults Diagnosed With Breast Cancer

Distress and Supportive Care Needs of Ethnically Diverse Older Adults With Advanced or Recurrent Cancer


ONS Voice articles:

When Delirium Is Recognized and Addressed Early, Patient Outcomes Improve

Geriatric Assessments Reduce Side Effect Incidence in Older Adults with Cancer

Overcome Inequalities in Cancer Treatment Options Across the Ages

How Does ONS Support Nurses Who Care for Older Adults With Cancer?

Geriatric Assessments Can Improve Shared Decision Making, Patient Satisfaction

Geriatric Oncology Ambulatory Care Clinics Address Older Patients’ Needs

What You Need to Know About Caring for Geriatric Patients With Cancer

Older Adults with Cancer: As the U.S. Population Ages, Oncology Nurses Rise to meet the Pending Wave of New Patients


Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing articles:

An Online Survey of Technology Use Among Patients With Cancer Aged 65 Years or Older

Geriatric Syndrome Screening: Implementing an Evidence-Based Process in Hospitalized Older Adults With Cancer

Older Adults and Scam Awareness: Exploring Vulnerability Within Geriatric Oncology

Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment: The Belgian Experience of Implementation in the Care of Older Adult Patients With Cancer

Comprehensive Geriatric Assessment: Interprofessional Team Recommendations for Older Adult Women With Breast Cancer

Older Adults With Lung Cancer: Assessment, Treatment Options, Survivorship Issues, and Palliative Care Strategies

Symptom Self-Management: Strategies Used by Older Adults Receiving Treatment for Cancer

Financial Toxicity: Limitations and Challenges When Caring for Older Adult Patients With Cancer

Transitional Care: Methods and Processes for Transitioning Older Adults With Cancer in a Postacute Setting

Frailty in Older Adults: Assessment, Support, and Treatment Implications in Patients With Cancer

Interprofessional Approach in Gero-Oncology

Nursing Education: Review of Assessment, Clinical Care, and Implications for Practice Regarding Older Adult Patients With Cancer

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