Leadership Learning Library

Leadership Learning Library

ONS understands the immeasurable value of the nurse, and is dedicated to providing nurses with the resources they need to elevate their career. This learning library includes books, courses, podcasts, articles, and videos that can help expand your education and inspire leadership and growth. Be sure to check out the curated list of Leadership Pathway resources that are aligned with the American Organization for Nursing Leadership Nurse Leader Core Competencies.

We celebrate and appreciate you and all you do, nurses!


Clinical Journal of Oncology Nursing article:

What Is It Like to Chair the ONS Bridge Content Planning Team?

Preparation and Evaluation of a Professional Development Series for Early-Career Oncology Nurses in Europe

Improving Nursing Leadership Communication: Fierce Conversations™ Training

Examining the Effects of a Structured Mentorship Program on the Nurse Mentor: A Pilot Study Engaging Oncology Nurses

Interprofessional Rounds to Improve Team Communication and Decrease Length of Stay on an Inpatient Unit

What Is the Role of the Oncology Nurse Leader in Building Oncology Nursing Capacity in Malawi?

How Do We Grow Our Next Generation of Nurse Leaders?


Oncology Nursing Forum article:

A Sense of Urgency in 2023: A New Iceberg Awaits Us

Leading the Way in the 21st Century


ONS Voice articles:

Oncology Nurses Lead Interprofessional Team to Drastically Increase Cancer Screenings in Rural Patients

Oncology Nurses Teach Correctional Facility Nurses to Safely Administer Chemo

Veterans and Cancer: Oncology Nurses Battle Service Members' Social Determinants to Fight for Those Who Fought for Us

Specialized Services Support and Improve Care for LGBTQI+ Patients with Cancer

AYA Champions Clinic Fills Gaps in Care and Addresses Unmet Needs

Around the Globe, Oncology Nurses Are Doing What They Can to Make a Difference

Mentorships Open Opportunities for Oncology Nurses' Career Growth and Wellness

Demonstrate Your Scope of Practice by Becoming an Oncology Certified Nurse

NOBC Partnerships Advance Nurses' Placements on Local and National Boards

Rest, Unwind, and Reflect so You Can Lead by Example

Train and Retain: From Orientation to Leadership, Here Are the Strategies That Experienced Staff Developers Use

Nursing Representation Is Critical in All Industries - Even Those Outside of Health Care

Leaders Shape You, and as a Leader, You Influence Others, Too

Nurses Lead From Every Bedside or Chairside

The Future of Oncology Care Depends on You

Leadership in Nursing: Is It Your Calling?


Episode 270: Meet the ONS Board of Directors: Brown, MacIntyre, and Woods

Episode 268: Race in Research: From Subjects to Scientists, ONS Scholar-in-Residence Has a Career Commitment to Racial Equity

Episode 258: ONS Through the Ages: Stories From the Early Days With Cindi Cantril and George Hill

Episode 254: Oncology Nursing Certification Affects the Entire Cancer Care System

Episode 241: 2023 Is Your Year to Advocate With ONS

Episode 229: How Advocacy Can Shape Your Nursing Career

Episode 190: The Environment, Cancer, and Nurses' Role in Advocating for Climate Change

Episode 188: Oncology Nurse Entrepreneurs Are Innovating Beyond the Bedside

Episode 186: Certification Can Fuel Your Leadership Skills and Professional Growth

Episode 175: Powerful Lessons From the 2021 Mentorship Award Recipient

Episode 150: Career Planning for Oncology Nurses

Episode 138: Why Higher Education May Be the Next Step in Your Oncology Nursing Career

Episode 105: U.S. Representative Donna Shalala on How Nurses Advocate for Peers and Patients

Episode 99: How to Set Goals for a Successful Nursing Career

Episode 94: Color-by-Number Leadership

Episode 69: Nurses Influence Health Policy at ONS's Capitol Hill Days

Episode 67: How Certified Nurses Help Hospitals Obtain Magnet Recognition

Episode 57: Nurse Leadership Roles at Every Level 

Episode 48: CNS or CNL: Which Is Right for Me?

Episode 46: Nurses Are Crucial in Local Advocacy Efforts

Episode 44: How Nurses Innovate in Practice Every Day-ONS Congress

Episode 38: What Does It Take to Be a Successful Leader?

Episode 36: The Power of Presentation—How to Develop Public Speaking Skills

Episode 35: Getting Involved in Global Oncology Nursing

Episode 33: Why Nursing Advocacy Is Important

Episode 31: How to Become an Oncology Nursing Leader

Episode 25: How Publishing Can Advance Your Nursing Career – Part 2

Episode 24: How Publishing Can Advance Your Nursing Career – Part 1

Episode 20: Advance Your Career Through Awards, Grants, and Scholarships

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