ONS Awards Online Application Submission Instructions

Welcome to the ONS Awards online application process! We are very pleased that you are taking the time to apply or nominate someone for one of the many ONS Awards and Recognitions.

Before you begin the online submission process, please take a moment to read ALL of the submission instructions below. Before you click the Application link to gain access to the online application, please PRINT a copy of these instructions to have handy as you start the online application process. Also, on some awards you may be asked for your ONS member ID number. Even though there may appear to be a lot of instruction steps, it’s really not that difficult to maneuver through the process!

The big change in the new awards program is that the new submission process is done completely online. No more downloading applications and emailing a multitude of documents! The new online system lets you do everything online, even uploading supporting documents. There’s even a feature called “Save and Return” in case you need to come back at a later time to complete the application.

Step One: Preparing Documents for Uploading

Before accessing the online Application, make sure you have a printed copy of these instructions nearby to refer to. Additionally, you will need to have the required supporting documents before you get started. Many of the awards require letters of support, CV or resumes, nomination and/or narrative statements, etc. If you need to obtain these documents from other individuals, please contact them first and ask them to email them to you in electronic format. The new online awards system lets you upload just about any version of e-documents (Word, PDF, etc.). Please make sure all of your supporting documents are accurate before uploading to the application site (see ‘Step Six: Making Corrections & Replacing Documents’ below).

Step Two: Registering & Logging In

Once you have all your supporting documents (see each award for specific requirements of that award), you are ready access the Application on the ONS awards pages. ONS uses an external vendor, Grantmaker, so the first phase of the process is to register with Grantmaker by setting up a user name and password on their site.

Registering –

  • Select the ONS award web link that you are applying for (or nominating for) and scroll-down the bottom of the page and click Application. This will take you to the Grantmaker web site.
  • On the Grantmaker registration page, click ‘Register now’ located inside the ‘New Users’ box on the right to take you to the New Users registration page.
  • Enter your email address, which will become your user name, and enter your first and last name as required, then click ‘Save.’
  • This will take you back to the first Grantmaker registration page and you’ll see a new note at the top of the page, “A new user has been created for the given email address. We have sent a notification to this address with your username and password.”
  • Check your email in-box to retrieve your username and temporary password. Please write these down or copy-and-paste each, then enter them on the Grantmaker registration page in the box, ‘Registered Users.’ Click ‘Login.’

Logging In -

  • If not automatically directed to the login screen, go back to the login screen and type in your user name (email address).
  • Copy or type the temporary password into the appropriate area and click ‘Login.’
  • You will be taken to a new screen to create your own password.
  • Type in your new password in both spaces and hit Enter.
  • This should take you to your ONS award application page. NOTE: Because of the variety of PC
  • hardware, internal company spam filters, etc., you may not be directed back to your award page. If this happens, you will see a blank Grantmaker screen with 3 small icons in the upper left hand corner. Click ‘Log out.’ This will take you back to the original Grantmaker registration page. At this point you will need to close out of the Grantmaker page (don’t re-enter your username or password, instead click the “X” in the upper right hand corner). Go back to the original ONS Awards page and select the specific award that you want to apply for. Once again, scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the Application. The award application should appear.
  • Your new Grantmaker username and registration is good for other award nominations, so keep that information handy. You won’t have to set up a new username or password again for any of the other awards.

Step Four: The Application - Entering Information and Data, Plus Uploading Documents

Entering information & data –

  • If you are self-nominating for an award, you will be required to enter your contact information in both fields (nominator and nominee). Items that have a red asterisk (*) are required fields. The system will not accept any applications with these fields left empty. Some awards may require the nominator’s ONS membership number.

Uploading documents –

  • As noted earlier, before you start entering information you may want to write down the file name of any supporting documents that you’ll need to upload. On most award applications, you’ll find the ‘Supporting Documents’ section towards the bottom of the application form.
  • To upload a document, click on the “Browse” box to access your document. Click on the file within your system. That file name will immediately appear in the desired field. (To open an uploaded document, you must click “Save.” The filename will automatically become a link that you can then use to open the document.)
  • Documents with signatures should be uploaded in a PDF format.
  • Multiple uploads are not acceptable within the same field. Therefore, when multiple documents are needed for one field they should be combined into one document prior to submitting and uploaded as one continuous document.

Step Five: Saving & Returning

  • ALWAYS click on the “Save” button before leaving the application screen.
  • You can save the information and documents you have entered and return at a later time to complete the application submission process by clicking on “Save” or “Save and Return”.
  • You can also save the information entered periodically throughout the submission process by clicking on either “Save” or “Save and Return.”
  • When uploading documents that you may want to review, click “Save and Return.” The filename or information you entered will then be converted to a link that you can now click on to open and review as needed. (Note: you will not be able to make any changes to the document once it is uploaded. See Making Corrections and Replacing Documents below.)
  • Click “Edit” to return to the application and proceed with the application entry process.

Step Six: Making Corrections & Replacing Documents

  • You cannot make corrections to any document that has been uploaded. It can only be deleted and replaced by uploading a corrected version of the document if a change is needed.
  • Please only attach the required documents to the application. We will only accept the documents that are required. Any additional documents will not be accepted.
  • Once you have uploaded files and saved them, they can be removed and replaced at any time up until the application is submitted.
  • Open your pending application in edit mode and find the file to be replaced.
  • Click the “Delete or Remove” button.
  • Then click the “browse” button and upload the corrected file.
  • Once the entire application has been submitted, absolutely no changes can be made to your application.

Step Seven: Checking Status of Application, Review Process, and Validation Process

  • Once you have entered the desired information into your application, click “Save.”
  • Scroll to the top of the screen and click on “My Apps”. This will take you to the “My Application List” screen showing your application status.
  • This page will show headings titled “Application, Created, Last Updated, Status, and Status
  • Date.”
  • At the far right of your application you’ll see three icons: Pencil=Edit, Checkmark=Validate, and Arrow=Submit.
  • Click on the Checkmark=Validate.
  • The application will open up showing any missing areas in RED.
  • If necessary, complete the application by entering any missing information and then click “Save.”
  • Once all of the required fields are entered, a message will appear at the top of the screen saying “Application Validated.” The application is now ready to be submitted.
  • If you need to print your application, you can print all of the visible fields in one document. The remaining fields with uploaded documents will have to be opened and printed individually.

Step Eight: Submit!

  • Once the application has been validated and the message appears at the top of the screen, the “Submit” arrow button will turn Green and the application is ready to submit.
  • Once you click the “Submit” arrow button, the application status will show as “Submitted.”
  • When the status is changed to “Submitted”, you will no longer be able to access your application.
  • Congratulations on successfully submitting your application! Click ‘Log Out’ and you’re done!