Rose Mary Carroll-Johnson Distinguished Award for Consistent Contribution to Nursing Literature

Rose Mary Carroll-Johnson Distinguished Award for Consistent Contribution to Nursing Literature
2018 Award Recipient
Deborah Watkins-Bruner, PhD, RN, FAAN

To recognize an individual who has made consistent and significant contributions to oncology nursing literature. Nominees for this award will be oncology nurses who have had an impact on the profession, specifically by using the written word to share research findings, describe content basic to the care of patients with cancer, and support the professional development of colleagues.


A $2,000 award, a plaque, round-trip airfare to the ONS Annual Congress, and a one-day per diem for Congress

Eligibility Criteria 
The nominee must be an active ONS member who has been nominated by an ONS member. In addition, the nominee must be an RN who
  • Has at least five years of experience in oncology nursing and five years of membership in ONS.
  • Demonstrates longevity and consistency of oncology-related professional communication (i.e., an established pattern of regular publication in a variety of forums: cross-section of peer-reviewed journals, books, monographs, ONS publications).
  • Demonstrates evidence of breadth of professional writing (i.e., variety of topics; variety of types of writing: journal-length, book chapters, editorials, letters to the editor, book reviews).
  • Demonstrates appropriate depth of written material (i.e., quality of material, appropriateness to audience, comprehensiveness of coverage).
  • Demonstrates evidence of mentorship for colleagues engaged in writing professional materials (i.e., formal teaching activity, membership on theses/dissertation committees, coauthorship on published materials, editorial activity on oncology-related books/materials or professional nursing journals).
  • Writes materials that are used and cited by other authors.
Please note that the Rose Mary Carroll-Johnson Distinguished Award for Consistent Contribution to Nursing Literature is the only ONS publishing award judged from nominations.
Application Materials 
The following materials are required.
  • Nominee's personal statement
  • Nomination narrative statement
  • One (1) letter of support
  • The nominee's curriculum vitae
Submit Your Nomination 

Important Notice About the 2019 Awards Nomination Deadline

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