ONS Foundation Award, Grant, Scholarship Reviewer

ONS Foundation Award, Grant, and Scholarship Reviewer

This volunteer position reviews applications for ONS Foundation research grants, dissertations, academic scholarships, conference scholarships, and career development awards. Areas of expertise are determined based on some of the following criteria.

  • Academic scholarships are reviewed by a nurse with the same level degree or higher (BSN, MSN, DNP, DNSc or PhD).
  • Career development awards and project funding grants are reviewed by nurses based on their work settings and/or function areas, e.g., bone marrow transplant, hospice, school of nursing, administration, education, patient care, research.
  • Research grants are reviewed by PhD-prepared nurse scientists based on their field of study, areas of expertise, experience with NIH study section, and previous funding from federal or non-federal grants.

Time Commitment

Minimal. Reviewers are asked to commit to serve on a review team for a 2–3 year period. Time spent reviewing applications varies based on application. The estimated time commitment is 30 minutes–30 hours over a 2–4 week period of time annually. Research grant reviews are on the higher end of this time spectrum. 




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