Oncology Nurses Advance Patient Care With New ONS Publications

Oncology Nurses Advance Patient Care With New ONS Publications
Friday, May 12, 2017
For the spring of 2017, ONS has developed six new nurse-written, nurse-focused publications, offering current, cutting-edge resources for oncology nurses seeking to improve their level of care for patients with cancer.

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The Oncology Nursing Society (ONS) developed six new publications for the spring of 2017, offering current, cutting-edge resources for oncology nurses seeking to improve their level of care for patients with cancer. These new nurse-written, nurse-focused publications examine several essential, evolving topics in oncology care.
ONS member and award-winning author, Anne Katz, PhD, RN, FAAN, published A Healthcare Provider’s Guide to Cancer and Obesity, offering guidance to oncology nurses seeking to understand the link between obesity and cancer. Katz speaks with patients and survivors about weight management and physical activity. Each chapter addresses obstacles and issues that healthcare providers may face when discussing weight management and weight loss with their patients, and it offers helpful suggestions on how to overcome them.
Access Device Standards of Practice for Oncology Nursing reviews the controversies in access device care, explores the range of devices currently available, details the advantages and disadvantages of each device to ensure optimal selection based on patient needs, and discusses the key legal ramifications concerning access devices and their management. 
Providers are understanding the importance of physical activity in patients with cancer. Integrating Physical Activity Into Cancer Care: An Evidence-Based Approach provides essential resources to encourage and support patients to engage in appropriate levels of exercise throughout the cancer trajectory. Chapters highlight the benefits of physical activity, strategies for assessing patient motivation and adherence, how to evaluate patient tolerance, along with other useful resources for nurses, caregivers, and other healthcare professionals. 
Palliative care, defined as symptom management, is a critical component of care for patients at any stage of the cancer journey. Integration of Palliative Care in Chronic Conditions: An Interdisciplinary Approach explores pharmacologic interventions, advance care planning, and the physiology, symptoms, diagnosis, and interventions of chronic conditions and malignancies. Case studies also highlight approaches to care for patients in need of palliative care. 
Oncology Nurse Navigation Case Studies uses individual patient examples to demonstrate the role of oncology nurse navigators in facilitating access to treatment, alleviating care barriers, and providing support, resources, and education throughout the disease and treatment trajectory. 
Developed by a task force of experts, the Oncology Nursing Society Documentation Standards for Cancer Treatment provides practitioners with documentation standards for chemotherapy and biotherapy administration, radiation therapy, blood and marrow transplantation, surgery, venous access devices, blood product transfusion, and extravasation management. 
ONS is a professional association of more than 39,000 members committed to promoting excellence in oncology nursing and the transformation of cancer care. Since 1975, ONS has provided a professional community for oncology nurses, developed evidence-based education programs and treatment information, and advocated for patient care, all in an effort to improve quality of life and outcomes for patients with cancer and their families. Learn more at www.ons.org.
Aaron Borchert