How to Use the Main Search

Screenshot of search engine dropdown

Step One:

Type your keyword term(s) into the main search field at the top of the ONS website. As you type in your search term(s) a list will populate below. 

Step Two:

If you know the source type you are looking for (e.g., book, course, podcast), click the related term and source. Our search page will populate automatically with results relevant to that source type.

screenshot of search for "radiation" filtered by "courses"
screenshot of search for "radiation", no result filters

Step Three:

If you don’t know the source, simply search by typing all your keywords and hitting enter on your keyboard. The results will populate from every source type on our site.

Step Four:

To refine your search more, use our "Types of Results" filter on the left hand side of the screen. Check the boxes for any source type you are interested in. 

For example, if you check only books, case studies, and clinical resources, your results will populate with only those three source types.

screenshot of search for "radiation" filtered by "books", "case studies", and "clinical practice resources"