Letters to the Editor

Reader Clarifies Concepts of Structured Exercise Programs in Managing Fatigue

Maryl L. Winningham

cancer-related fatigue, intervention

Authors Emma Ream, BSc (Hons), MSc, RN,  and  Alison  Richardson,  BN  (Hons), MSc,  PhD, RN, PGDE, RNT, are to be congratulated for their well-conceived,  concise article, "From  Theory  to Practice: Designing Interventions  to Reduce Fatigue  in Patients  With  Cancer"  (Oncology  Nursing Forum, vol. 26, pp.  1295-1303). Because it represents a high degree of conceptual clarity, I believe  this article  is destined  to become  one of the definitive  classics in this area. Without detracting from the quality of this article, however, I would like to comment on three common misperceptions reflected  in this article.

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