Leading from the Future

The 2012-2016 ONS Strategic Plan has four pillars: Knowledge, Leadership, Quality and Technology.

The goal of the Leadership Pillar states:

  • Through ONS involvement, members become leaders and effective cancer care advocates in their workplace, community, and the Society.

Working toward this goal, there are several exciting initiatives currently underway...

Leadership Competencies

  • Define the role of the oncology nurse leader
  • Identify three levels of mastery: individual, group and governance.
  • Describe the domains of Vision, Knowledge, Interpersonal Effectiveness, Personal Mastery and Systems Thinking.
  • Now in final stages of development.

Leadership Virtual Community

  • http://ldi.vc.ons.org/
  • Learn the latest about leadership activities at ONS
  • Archived leadership webcasts
  • Leadership resources
  • Leadership competencies

Leadership Webcourse

  • 8-week intensive course exploring multiple leadership topics
  • Faculty-guided course
  • Students identify a mentor to work with throughout the course
  • Interaction encouraged throughout course
  • Course includes text, links, videos, and presentations
  • Topics include:
    • Leadership theories
    • Mentorship- serving and receiving
    • Understanding self
    • Effective communication, negotiation, and conflict utilization
    • Leading change
    • Advocacy, ethics, and healthcare trends
    • And, much more!

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