ONS Offers an Array of Resources on Genetics and Genomics

From prevention and identification of risk status to the development and use of targeted therapies, genetics is changing the face of oncology care. ONS offers many resources for nurses to learn more about genetics (the study of individual genes) and genomics (the study of all genes in the human genome).

Within the past decade, the demand for oncology nurses who are knowledgeable and competent in genetics and genomic applications has risen dramatically. The ONS publication Genetics and Genomics in Oncology Nursing Practice goes beyond risk assessment in genetics to discuss cancer biology, clinical applications of genetic study, and the scope of oncology nursing practice.

ONS also has published a variety of research-based and clinical articles to aid oncology nurses in applying genetics and genomics concepts to everyday practice.

Last but not least, for nurses who are interested in collaboration, the ONS Cancer Genetics Special Interest Group provides opportunities to network with other nurses who are interested in genetics and genomics, encouraging members to contribute to the collective knowledge on this exciting and quickly changing field.