For Researchers

Resources for Researchers

Oncology nursing research drives the future of our profession and improves patient care and outcomes. That's why ONS supports nurse scientists through a focused research agenda and special consultative services. 

ONS Foundation Research Funding

Our affiliate organization, the ONS Foundation, provides generous support for our research agenda, awarding funds annually to new and experienced nurse scientists. Explore the Foundation's research grants and research career development awards.

Research Agenda

The ONS research agenda focuses on gaps in the knowledge base for oncology nursing practice. It builds on the results of the ONS Research Priorities Survey, the review and evaluation of the previous ONS research agenda, and a multimethod stakeholders' consensus-building process and state of the science in each content area.

Research Priorities

The 2013 ONS Research Priorities Survey sought to advance the goals of evidence-based care and prioritize the knowledge generation that addresses contemporary challenges in oncology nursing. Read the survey's full report.

Consult an Oncology Nursing Research Expert

Volunteer nurse scientists or evidence-based practice (EBP) experts are available to consult with all ONS members. Whether you're a novice or expert researcher, we can help you plan and design your project or answer specific research-related questions. You can work with a consultant for individual or chapter-generated projects.

To arrange a consult, contact the ONS research department at or 412-859-6337. 

How the Research Consultation Program Can Help 

  • You have an idea for a research project, but are unsure how to develop some aspect(s) of the study, such as a sampling plan.
  • You read a research article and would like to explore the topic further.
  • You have observed a clinical problem or phenomenon of interest and want to conduct a study about the problem, but you're not sure how to begin.
  • You are developing a research project, but you need advice regarding what instruments to use.

How the EBP Consultation Program Can Help

  • You have an idea for a practice change and want it to be evidence-based, but don't know where or how to begin.
  • You have questions about the EBP process.
  • You need guidance on challenges you have faced in implementing EBP.
  • You need help critiquing and synthesizing the evidence.
  • You have questions on how to prepare evidence-based presentations or publications.

Supplementary Information

Our consultant will ask you to provide your educational background and any research experience, as well as the title of your project if applicable. You'll also need to prepare answers to the following questions before seeking consultation.

  • What do you need help with? Do you have questions about a research question, methodology, statistics, analysis, proposal review, project development or project implementation? For EBP consults, do you need help in searching the literature, critiquing and synthesizing the research, developing a practice change project, or writing an evidence-based publication?
  • Is there a particular clinical or research area in which the consultant should be an expert?
  • What is the anticipated time needed for the consultation (e.g., one-time meeting, weekly meetings)?