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Are discussions immediately graded? I don't see my score.

All discussion postings are hand graded, so your posting will be graded within a few days. When completing discussions, allow ample time to post and clarify information in the event additional information is requested in order to earn credit for your discussion post.

I received a zero for my discussion. What does that mean?

All discussions are scored as pass or fail. A zero indicates that credit has not be given for your post and likely that more information is needed. Course facilitators provide feedback on what is needed to earn credit for your post. Please check the gradebook and discussion page for facilitator feedback.

How long does it take to complete the course?

Data to date indicates that most learners are completing the course is approximately 15 hours. This is in line with the number of contact hours of continuing nursing education awarded.  ONS does not recommend attempting to complete the course within the last 48 hours of availability to allow time for grading of discussions and reposting if needed.