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New Website Upgrades

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We’ve just released a new and improved ONS member profile. Check out this site for more exciting upgrades, including printing your chemo provider or membership card, searching the ONS store, and accessing CJON and ONF.

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Do institutions need to register all attendees at once to get the discount?

To qualify for the institutional pricing discounts listed in the table above, consider purchasing the quantity you expect to use over a 12- to 16-month period in advance. For example, if you expect to have 15 individuals who will take the course within the next year, you should purchase 15 vouchers to receive the respective discount levels. You do not need to enroll everyone right away to receive the discount, but you will need to order the number you need at the time of purchase. The individual purchasing the course vouchers distributes them through the expiration date for the appropriate individuals to redeem once their respective course is available for registration. Also, the purchaser can distribute coupons for those ready to take the course and earn their provider card. ONS vouchers will be processed within five to seven business days upon receipt of payment from an institution.

Note. Course vouchers will carry an expiration date of 16 months from the date of purchase (or once the course is live if purchased in advance).

All current and upcoming information, including timelines, will be available on this website. We’ll communicate new developments as applicable. If you have additional questions or requests for information, please contact


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Visit our e-books website to browse more than 45 essential publications for your tablet or e-reader. You can purchase individual chapters from most e-books.